The Almaden Valley Women’s Club (AVWC) would like to invite students to participate in the annual Logo Contest for the annual Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival. Any student who resides or who is enrolled in a public, private or home school program in the 95118, 95120 and 95123 zip codes and is between the ages of 11-18 at the time of submission, is eligible to participate.

AVWC will select one Winner and four Finalist's logos from the pool of students eligible to participate in our Logo Contest. The winner will be awarded $150 and 4 finalists will be awarded $50 each. The winning logo will be displayed prominently on all Festival Wine and Beer Glasses, Festival print and visual media and collateral along with local newspapers. The logo winner, finalists, and teachers will be contacted by April 22nd. Entries are Due Friday, April 7, 2017.

Download our Logo Contest Information and Guidelines here:

AVWC Logo Contestants 2016

Previous Winning Logo's

 (Left to Right) Jacqueline Toh, Galen Ducker,Tifani Ebrahimi (winner), 
Diana Wong, Miki Kinoshita

Logo Awards

Winner: Tiffany Ebrahimi
Tiffany is a Senior at Leland High School and has been drawing and painting since 5th grade.She likes to play tennis and enjoys art as a hobby and for relaxation. She plans to attend William Jessup University to major in biology and would like to be an Ophthalmologist.

Finalist: Galen Ducker
As a senior at Leland High School, Galen is looking toward college as a Psychology major, with a minor in Art. She has always loved drawing and was inspired by her family, especially her older sister, who also loves to draw. Her goal is to help people, and she hopes to use art therapeutically to aid personal health.

Finalist: Diana Wong
Diana is a student at Leland High School.

Finalist: Miki Kinoshita
Miki started drawing when she was little, since it seemed to come very naturally to her. She really enjoys being creative and enjoys expressing herself through her art. She takes classes at Lord of the Light Art Studio and made her submission through them. As a sophomore at Leland High School, she is starting to think about how she can integrate art into her future.

Finalist: Jacqueline Toh
Jacqueline likes to make people happy with her art and has been making people smile with her drawings since she was in kindergarten. She is currently a sophomore at Leland High School, and, while she’s not sure how to earn a living through her art, she is exploring future endeavors in the arts.

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